Month: November 2011


Working  with  the  school district of Palm  Beach County is a  privilege. It takes a village to raise a child and there are limitless ways  to  reach  out  and  do so.  Working  with CHOICE AND CAREER OPTIONS has allowed many students to work along with Dr. King and his staff in his office.  What better way to nurture the abilities of young minds who are interested in the orthodontic field than to show them first hand.

Many interns have spent valuable time learning about orthodontics with Dr. King.  Education begins much earlier where Dr. King is concerned.  He goes to our local schools and teaches kids from kindergarten up about the benefits of excellent dental hygiene.  It’s quite probable that your child has even benefited from the dental and orthodontic supplies that are regularly delivered to their schools.

Teamwork and education!  It’s what great communities are made of!