Month: March 2014


There is no smile that Dr. King can’t tame!

Have you been told that you or your child has a problem that will need surgery in order to correct your bite? In the recent past there have been great advances made on how to avoid surgery. Whether you have an openbite, underbite or overbite there may be a newer approach using non surgical orthodontics. The new approach consists of using bone plates, mini implants or M.E.A.W. (Multiloop edgewise archwire therapy) Orthodontic has taken a huge shift from surgery to non surgery.

The procedure itself is an extremely complicated technique for an orthodontist to utilize. For the benefit of my patients I have included the MEAW technique as one of my treatment options. There is only one other orthodontist in all of South Florida who includes this option. It is my privilege to be able to offer my patients a non-invasive alternative to surgery.

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