Month: October 2015


What does the month of October mean to you?

For people in south Florida, October is when we get to wear those sweaters or jackets and scarves we’ve been waiting to wear. You start watching for those cold fronts to come in and an occasional bon fire out back. It is a welcomed respite from the hot Florida sun.

October means something a little different to our team at Jupiter Orthodontics because this is National Orthodontic Health Month.

National Orthodontic Health Month is an awareness campaign created cooperatively by orthodontists and other dental health professionals. During this month, we make a special effort to promote dental health and orthodontic health in particular. This is a great time to get your orthodontic questions answered by Dr. King and to learn more about exactly what an orthodontist can do for you and your family. If you’ve never been to an orthodontist before, you might not know what to expect.

Meeting Dr. King and his staff in the relaxed atmosphere here in his office can be especially helpful for any young orthodontic patients in your family. It is also a great way to find out how comfortable you can be during your appointments.

Healthy teeth and gums are an important part of the orthodontic process. Dr. King works hand in hand with your dentist to make certain your teeth are in good health. Visiting your dentist through the orthodontic process is essential to keep your teeth healthy and achieve the outcome you have dreamed about. We look forward to seeing you and your family this October right here at Jupiter Orthodontics!