Month: November 2020

Top 5 Benefits of iTero Digital Impressions

Dr. King uses the iTero® digital scanning system to take impressions of our patients’ smiles, because we want our patients’ treatment journeys to be as comfortable and convenient as possible!

Traditional methods for taking impressions of the teeth can be uncomfortable and a bit messy. Traditional impressions required a “goopy” putty substance that patients had to bite into to leave an impression of their smile. This method often makes patients gag and leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

We started using the iTero digital impression system for a number of reasons. Here’s what we love about the iTero scanning system:

Top 5 Benefits of iTero Digital Impressions

1. iTero Digital Scanner Produces Precise, Accurate Impressions

The iTero digital scanning system produces precise, accurate, detailed impressions of the teeth. This technology produces 10 times fewer rejections than traditional impression methods! That means the system is 10 times more likely to produce an accurate result on the first try. Traditional methods sometimes require two or three tries to get an accurate impression.

2. iTero Digital Scanner Saves Time

The iTero system produces impressions in under 5 minutes! This system only takes 2 to 3 minutes to scan the teeth and bite, and develop a 3-D model of your smile. Instead of using a tray filled with a goopy putty material, the iTero scanner wand allows Dr. King to map the edges and surfaces of the teeth with minimal room for error.

3. iTero Digital Scanner is Comfortable!

The iTero Digital scanner is specially-designed to fit comfortably in the mouth.

iTero’s small handheld wand enables patients to breathe and swallow easily while the iTero digital impression scans their bite. This device won’t expose you to any radiation or leave a poor taste in your mouth!

4. iTero Digital Scanner Produces a Preview of Your New Smile!

With iTero Digital Scanner, you can preview a simulation of your new smile before you even begin treatment!

This device can be used for braces or Invisalign®. The digital software is able to predict the movement of your teeth, before you even begin treatment, to show you a preview of how your end smile results are likely to look.

5. iTero is Eco-Friendly!

The iTero digital impression system presents a sustainable way to take impressions. This system replaces the need for disposable impression trays and materials.

The digital impressions we take are stored electronically. In case of an error, we can correct it before submitting the impression to the dental laboratory. This mitigates the need for paperwork and printed records!

We use iTero, because it allows us to take 3D-digital impressions of your teeth and gums more accurately and more comfortably than other impression methods. The iTero system produces precise, accurate impressions in only a few minutes. It sits comfortably in the mouth, and it shows you a simulated preview of your projected smile results—before you even begin treatment!

If you’re ready to experience the difference with the iTero digital impression system and Dr. King’s quality of care, then it’s time to schedule your free consultation!

Visit our Jupiter office, or schedule a virtual smile assessment without leaving your home. We are on a mission to provide affordable, high-quality treatment, using the most advanced technologies available!

Why Choose A Specialist With Invisalign Experience?

Young girl wearing hat, smiling with trees behind her in fall season

We’re sometimes faced with the decision of what type of doctor or specialist we should see for a diagnosis or treatment. If our condition is in a certain field, say heart health or general health, we’re likely to choose a specialist in that field.

In other words, would you schedule a cardiology appointment with your family doctor? Hopefully not! Family doctors don’t necessarily have the same experience as cardiologists. When you’re looking for a doctor in any field, it’s important to choose one who specializes in your area of need! This is how you ensure the greatest possible results from treatment.

The same goes for your smile! If you or your child is in need of Invisalign® treatment, it’s important that you choose a specialist who has considerable Invisalign experience. Your smile deserves the greatest quality of care, and that means choosing  an expert with years of experience in Invisalign treatment.

Here’s why.

Top 4 Reasons to Choose an Orthodontist with Invisalign Experience

1. An Orthodontist’s Education

Many dentists offer Invisalign treatment, but dentists actually don’t receive the same training that orthodontists do. There are particular distinctions between an orthodontist’s training and a dentist’s training. Both an orthodontist and a dentist complete dental school, but to become an orthodontist, one has to devote an additional 2 to3 years to orthodontic training.

After receiving a certification, orthodontists continue practicing in their field. The best orthodontists pursue ongoing education and stay on the cutting-edge, using the latest technology to ensure outstanding results.

“Continuing education is the key to maintaining the highest level of excellence possible, and I am a staunch advocate of pursuing it. Attendance at study clubs, seminars, and lectures is on my agenda often throughout the year so that I remain on the cutting edge of orthodontic technology,” says Dr. King.

Dr. King is dedicated to continuously improving his technique for his patients! Ensuring the best results with Invisalign requires this level of care and education.

2. Customized Treatment Plans

We use The King Method approach for the utmost level of customization. This method involves a custom selection of specific techniques and tools that cater to the individual’s condition.

Before beginning any orthodontic treatment, knowing the provider’s experience in orthodontic diagnosis is essential! Along with that, the provider must be up-to-date on the customized treatments available for you.

During your first visit to our office, Dr. King will complete a thorough examination of your teeth. He uses your exam results to determine the best treatment approach for your condition.

Using the unique King Method approach, Dr. King will use a combination of all orthodontic methods fused into a single method to treat patients in a more effective and efficient manner. Through a combination of Dr. King’s Invisalign expertise and his King Method approach, patients can experience faster results with shorter treatment periods and superior results!

3. Diagnosing the Root of the Problem

Although a dentist may have some Invisalign experience, an orthodontist has special expertise in the positions of the teeth and the bite, as well as facial aesthetics.

Orthodontists have special training in understanding how your smile can change your facial profile. Orthodontists identify and treat the root of the bite or tooth misalignment, while dentists are mainly focused on the appearance of the teeth. Successful Invisalign treatment requires an approach that includes both aesthetics and functionality.

4. The cost of Invisalign

Many people believe choosing an Invisalign specialist is more expensive, but this isn’t the case! In fact, the more experience an orthodontist has in Invisalign treatment, the lower they’re able to offer the cost of treatment.

The cost of your Invisalign treatment will depend on:
• Your orthodontic condition and its severity
• The length of treatment required for your condition
• Your individual smile goals

A dentist or orthodontist who doesn’t specialize in Invisalign may require additional resources to treat your condition. This can end up costing you more money!

At Jupiter Orthodontics, our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality treatment to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. We offer several payment options and accept a number of insurance plans to meet the needs of our patients. In other words, the cost of Invisalign is affordable with us!

5. Google Reviews

Pro tip: When choosing an orthodontist for Invisalign treatment, how can you ensure that he or she provides excellent care?

Take a look at their Google reviews!

When picking your specialist, look for reviews online, testimonials on their website, as well as other review sources to ensure that the orthodontist provides a high quality of care. People leave genuine reviews all the time—especially if they’re dissatisfied with treatment! Looking at the orthodontist’s reviews on their Google listing and their website will give you greater insight into their approach to orthodontic care.

At Jupiter Orthodontics, we value our patients’ feedback. (Take a look at our patients’ testimonials!) We are constantly assessing our patients’ feedback to improve our processes and techniques.

It’s critical to consider an orthodontist’s expertise when making a decision for your smile. Undergoing Invisalign treatment requires experience and education, and with a specialist, you’re guaranteed to receive that!

Choose a qualified Invisalign orthodontist today when you  schedule your complimentary exam with us!