” The most beautiful thing someone can wear is a smile and for that I thank you! Dr. King & his team have been so warm and sweet. I felt right at home! Everyone is so kind, respectful, and both of my children can not stop smiling with perfect teeth. I appreciate how flexible, helpful, and patient you all have been with us. I highly recommend this office the end result is beyond outstanding! ”


” The experience of Dr. King instills confidence- there is not much he hasn’t seen in the world of Orthodontics. Straight teeth are not only beautiful but easier to take care of. We much appreciated the “pre-braces” follow up care. It helped us to establish that relationship early with Dr. King & his team and gave us confidence in the entire process. Everyone was always so helpful! ”


” The team members at Jupiter Orthodontics are amazing. They always do what is best for the patient and ensure we have the best experience. I was always so insecure about my smile and when I looked in the mirror for the first time after I got my braces removed I felt so happy. My teeth look phenomenal! ”


” Everyone at Jupiter Orthodontics is always so nice and very helpful. I would recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to all of my friends. I actually had my braces done by Dr. King years ago! Thank you so much for such a great experience with my daughter Ava. ”


” We had a great experience at Jupiter Orthodontics. The staff are very friendly and professional. My daughter’s teeth turned out beautiful. She loves her smile now. Thank you Dr. King & Dr. Welch! ”


” Dr. King and his team made every visit easy and fantastic. I was having issues biting down and it was making it uncomfortable to eat. Now I have a perfect bite! My teeth look absolutely amazing!”


” Jupiter Orthodontics has exceeded our expectations! The staff is super kind and professional and my children are always comfortable and happy coming in. Getting braces has been a great experience for my son and Dr. King is amazing! ”


” It is always a pleasure going in to Jupiter Orthodontics. Everyone is very nice! Dr. King and the girls are very knowledgeable and very good at explaining what was being done at each appointment. My daughters teeth and smile look beautiful! Thank you all. I definitely recommend your office! ”


” Jupiter Orthodontics met and exceeded our expectations! They were always available, on time and friendly. My son and I are so happy with his absolutely beautiful smile! ”


” Our experience at Jupiter Orthodontics was great! My son was always treated well. The team was friendly, professional and prompt. We were always kept informed on his treatment at every visit and the results were wonderful! ”


” Thank you very much, Dr. King for making me so beautiful. I am glad that I made the decision to have my orthodontic treatment at Jupiter Orthodontics. The entire team took great care of me. You all are the BEST! ”


” Dr. King’s technique (The King Method) is the best part of the treatment my daughter received. Her smile is beautiful and we are very happy with the results. We were always treated well in the office and greeted with a smile at every appointment. Dr. King and his team kept us informed about Arianna’s progress and our office visits were always prompt. ”


” I had a very good experience at Jupiter Orthodontics. I was excited to see the transformation of my teeth, which made me excited for my appointments. The team members were always polite and answered my questions whether they were simple or difficult to answer. Dr. King has state of the art technology that equips him to give a great smile to each individual. Jupiter Orthodontics is a family oriented practice and everyone on staff is very nice. My appointments were easy to schedule and change if needed. I would recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to anyone seeking treatment. ”

Bella S.

” I refer Jupiter Orthodontics to everyone! Dr. King and his team are always overly helpful and enjoyable to be around, friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. We received excellent service, customer relations and treatment. It has been a journey ever since the consultation but I feel that Dr. King waited until the time was right to actually put the braces on my daughter. It was a very pleasant experience when I was a patient many moons ago and Bella had a wonderful experience, too. ”


” Everyone at Jupiter Orthodontics was kind and caring during my treatment. Dr. King and his team did a great job. I appreciate that they were always honest with me regarding how my treatment was going. I am very happy with my smile. ”


No complaints at all!

” The staff at Jupiter Orthodontics is great. They have convenient hours and we never waited to be seen more than 5 minutes. My daughter was always happy with whoever worked on her and she always left the office happy. She was pleased with how fast the whole process was. No complaints at all.. nothing but praise! A confidant child always makes a parent happy! Thank you all so much for her beautiful smile. ”


” I knew that I was going to the right orthodontist because my sister has perfect teeth, thanks to Dr. King. I had no doubt I would get the same treatment. My teeth look perfect and I had no problems, my treatment was absolutely worth the investment. I will be referring my friends because the Jupiter Orthodontics team will take great care of you and your teeth. My appointments were great because I was treated so well and taken care of quickly. Thank you, Dr. King and your amazing team! ”


I never expected my teeth to look so awesome!

” Dr. King and the Jupiter Orthodontics team exceeded my expectations. I never expected my teeth to look so awesome! I have always been shy about my smile because my teeth weren’t straight…now I cannot stop smiling. The investment I made in my orthodontic treatment was well worth it! If you want fast and easy results, with a great staff that are amazing at their job…look no further than Jupiter Orthodontics. I had a perfect experience, it was very easy to talk to everyone in the office. I am really going to miss Dr. King and his team!! Thank you for the AMAZING job! ”


Open Bite Transformation!

” I wanted my daughter to be able to smile without being insecure, and you were able to make that happen, Dr. King! My daughter’s smile and confidence were well worth the investment we made at Jupiter Orthodontics. Dr. King and his team are professional and helpful. Everyone we interacted with was nice and they took care of anything I asked. I never had a problem that could not be fixed. I loved the environment of the office, as the atmosphere was always welcoming. I enjoyed bringing my daughter and I want to thank Dr. King and the entire team for giving my daughter a smile that she can be confident in. The service we received was amazing and I will definitely be recommending Jupiter Orthodontics to others! ”


” Dr. King and his team are courteous, caring and professional. Skylar received excellent orthodontic care and we are very happy with her smile! ”


” Dr. King always kept us informed of Arbenita’s treatment progress. The entire team is friendly and respectful. If you want a beautiful, inspirational smile…Jupiter Orthodontics is where you want to go. There is nothing that would have made our experience better. ”


” Jupiter Orthodontics provides a friendly environment. Treatment is prompt, on track, painless and worth it! We felt very appreciated and were happy with the friendly staff and the quality of work Dr. King provided. My daughter loves her amazing smile!! ”


Dr. King Changed My LIFE!!

” The Jupiter Orthodontics team met and exceeded my expectations. I knew I was in the right place from the start! Dr. King and his team have changed my life by giving me the smile I dreamed of. An improved smile changes the way you feel on the inside…thank you so much, Dr. King! I would recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to anyone looking to change their life and obtain the smile of their dreams. If you let them know what your wishes are, they will make it happen and educate you along the way! I had an excellent experience and thank Dr. King for his great work…your rating is OFF THE SCALE!! ”


Our expectations were exceeded!!!

” I always felt comfortable at Jupiter Orthodontics. Treatment went much faster than I anticipated and my experience with Dr. King was excellent. He has a great team, they are friendly and professional. A smile lasts a lifetime…choose Dr. King! ”


Dr. King is great with his patients!

” Dr. King is always kind and helpful at every appointment. He and his team were engaging with me and provided excellent care. Jupiter Orthodontics is a practice that is genuinely interested in their patients and will keep you informed of your treatment every step of the way. I am very happy with my smile…I think it looks great! ”


You Won’t Find a Nicer Team!

” Dr. King and his team were very gentle and careful during my treatment. I have been to other offices and they were not as nice as the Jupiter Orthodontics staff…Dr. King and his people are GREAT. They work hard and do what they must to get the job done right. I am sincerely happy with my outcome and would recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to everyone. ”


Third Family Member to be treated by Dr. King!

” Emma is our third child to be treated by Dr. King. We know first hand that the quality of his results are fantastic. We were kept informed of treatment progress and the team is courteous and very knowledgeable. Jupiter Orthodontics is an office that provides excellent orthodontic care! ”

Joann S.

Willingness to Work with Patients!!

” Dr. King will give you the best results. His team is very friendly and always let me jump up and brush my teeth while they changed my wires. If you want excellent service with an outstanding result…Jupiter Orthodontics is where you should go! Thank you, Dr. King! ”

Dakota L.

You will get a GREAT SMILE!

” The treatment at Jupiter Orthodontics is filled with kindness and friendliness. I was happy with every single aspect of my treatment. Most importantly, the outcome Dr. King gave me was a beautiful smile. ”

Emma A.

We are delighted with the experience Emma had at Jupiter Orthodontics.

” The price of treatment was what we expected and we firmly believe that having braces during the teen years is important. We appreciate the respect of our time. We never waited longer than five minutes for an appointment. Dr. King’s team is efficient and always managed to work us and our crazy schedule. ”