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October 31st, 2017

One of the most frequent questions patients ask is, “Is there a way to accelerate orthodontic treatment?” Dr. King is happy to respond with a resounding, yes! As a Propel® provider, Dr. King can get you in and out of Invisalign in about a third of the time. Dr. King’s continuing education hours are ten times greater than the required amount so he has the skinny on safe and proven ways to help his patients achieve results quickly, comfortably and effectively. That’s something he’s happy to make available to you and why he recommends Propel technology.


For a variety of reasons many patients don’t like the thought of spending years straightening their teeth and thanks to Propel Orthodontics it’s not necessary. Propel is a procedure that is used in conjunction with Invisalign. Dr. King is able to incorporate the procedure at your regular office visit and can complete a session which makes the teeth move faster. Often treatment time is cut by up to 66%.


Many things can influence the duration of your treatment time. The largest factor affecting how quickly your teeth move into their new position is the rate of bone remodeling. Okay, so this may be a little technical but you’ll be able to understand. The osteoclasts and osteoblast increase which is caused by the Rapid Acceleration Phenomenon (RAP). The bone is treabsorbed and rebuilt which is known as bone remodeling.

The Propel device is used to make micro-osteoperforations (MOPs), or tiny perforations that are the size of a pinhole in the bone around the teeth. The MOPs encourage a natural inflammatory response, which stimulates the release of the cells involved in the breakdown of the bone. This kicks off bone remodeling and accelerates tooth movement. MOPs increase the rate of tooth movement reducing treatment time by up to 66%.

Propel is gentle and very little discomfort is experienced during the procedure. Numbing is required and one should take Tylenol the next day. One or two Propel treatments are usually required but complicated tooth movement may require additional treatments. Patients go back to work that same day.


Absolutely! The American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics noted that Propel is an “effective, comfortable, and safe procedure that accelerates tooth movement significantly.”


Remember, there’s zero recovery time after a Propel procedure but to get the most out of treatment there are a few recommended steps:

You might experience minor sensitivity which will go away in a day or two. It’s extremely important that you don’t take anti-inflammatory pain medication like Aspirin or Ibuprofen. Inflammation is a good thing in this case because the inflammatory response is how Propel works its magic to speed up orthodontic treatment.
Spicy food is not your friend for a few days. Stay away from anything with citric acid (e.g., orange juice, lemons or limes) for several days because the treatment area will be a bit sensitive.

While the micro-perforations are healing, swish with undiluted hydrogen peroxide or rinse with chlorhexedine two or three times a day ensuring a clean and disinfected mouth. Brushing afterward will make the whole hydrogen peroxide rinse experience fade away quickly!


Perhaps, but because every mouth and orthodontic needs are different the best thing to do is come in to the office so Dr. King can determine that for you. Diagnostic records will be taken to see exactly what the needs are in your specific case. We’ll have the coffee ready and are looking forward to meeting you.


Orthodontics may seem complicated to you but rest assured that when you are here at Jupiter Orthodontics with Dr. King, you are in the right place. It is important that you feel at ease throughout the orthodontic process. When you visit our website, you will find a plethora of information and likely many answers to your own questions. Here are just a few questions most people ask.


While each individual has differing needs it is best to have a child evaluated by the age of seven or eight when misalignment or crowding becomes evident. Your dentist will likely be the first to identify the need for orthodontics and refer you to a qualified orthodontist.

Treatment which begins at the early stages of emerging issues will likely result in shorter treatment time and often be less expensive, making it a wise decision. Dr. King offers an observation program to monitor your child’s progress adding no additional expense if they are not ready to begin treatment immediately. Feel free to call Dr. King’s office and ask for more information. 561-747-5766


Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it. Dr. King knows precisely what will be the best treatment for you as an adult or your child. Dr. King works with the Damon System which is state of the art. This system utilizes tie-less brackets thus reducing the amount of pressure placed on each tooth and requiring fewer adjustments.

No matter what your individual needs are Dr. King will be able to diagnose exactly what will be the best treatment for you whether it is traditional braces, ceramic braces or Invisalign.


Absolutely not. While some may have minor alignment issues and just want the smile they have always dreamed of, misalignment of teeth can also lead to more serious problems. Crowding can affect your overall oral hygiene and your health because you may not be able to brush and floss places which harbor bacteria and can cause infection.


While many dental offices may offer orthodontic treatment and it may seem convenient for you but it is not one stop shopping. A dentist may receive a few days training while an orthodontist receives two years of orthodontic training for a total of eleven years. Additionally, an orthodontist spends a lifetime of continuing education keeping abreast of current concepts and technology. After completing dental training Dr. King went on to specialize in the art of orthodontics. As you can see, this is training dentists do not have.

For complete accuracy and pristine results the wisest choice is to come to see Dr. King at Jupiter Orthodontics for cutting edge orthodontic technology. You’ll be happy you did when you see the amazing results! Your appointment is ready, we just need for you to call and give us your name!


At Jupiter Orthodontics, Dr. King and his staff have found that when individuals are happy with their smiles they tend to enjoy better self-esteem. Over and over it is clearly evident that people who are unhappy with their smile are often hesitant about speaking with others and rarely share an unabashed smile. Studies indicate that when women were asked what they would change about their appearance if they could, many pointed to their smile. There is still hesitancy on the part of adults to have braces placed. Dr. King understands and he can help.

The American Association of Orthodontics estimates that 4.5 million Americans wear braces or aligners to straighten their teeth. One in five of that group is women. There is an additional portion of the American public that does not have straight teeth and would benefit from orthodontic treatment. Aside from the amazing smile that will result from treatment with Dr. King there are additional important reasons to consider traditional braces or Invisalign.

The main and obvious benefit to orthodontics is straight teeth, an improved smile and bolstered self-esteem. Some other benefits making braces an excellent option include:

  • Improved ability to properly chew and digest food.
  • A proper bite.
  • Improved enunciation when speaking.
  • Healthier mouth. Straight teeth allow for proper flossing and brushing. Crowding harbors germs and bacteria in hard to reach places.
  • A healthy mouth is directly linked to a healthier body.

Having a beautiful smile with healthy teeth and gums will contribute to an improved self-image opening many doors because of having an overall positive outlook. We’re here and we will be happy to set up your free consultation with Dr. King. (561) 747-5766


By: Dr. Roy King DDS

Can you believe that we are mid way through February 2016!? While spending the majority of my time working with great people and creating fabulous smiles, I’ve also spent considerable time in continuing education so that you can receive the benefit of cutting edge technology.

Thinking about everything a patient would want to know about orthodontics and everything that happens in an orthodontic office is astonishing. So I thought you might like to know the ABC’s of Orthodontics. These are just some of the important things you should know about orthodontic treatment at Jupiter Orthodontics.

A – Adults make up over 30% of Dr. King’s practice!

Orthodontics isn’t just for kids and teens. Many adults, including some parents of our younger ortho patients, want a better smile too and we are happy to help. Traditional braces might be a bit of a concern for some and for that reason we offer Ceramic Braces and Invisalign. (See the letters C and I below for details on those treatments!)

B – Brackets

Brackets are the metal or ceramic pieces bonded directly to your teeth. Brackets are connected to the bands and they hold the wire in place.

C – Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces consist of tooth-colored brackets, wires and ties that allow for inconspicuous orthodontic treatment. Ceramic braces are a great option for teens or adults who want to avoid the appearance of traditional metal braces but achieve the same excellent results.

D – Damon System

We are pleased to offer patients passive self-ligating Damon Smile braces. Thanks to these innovative new braces, achieving your perfect smile will be faster and easier!!!

E – Emergency Care

Hopefully you won’t need emergency care! But we understand that things happen and we’re definitely here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you feel that something is wrong. You will be able to speak with an assistant who can provide detailed advice on mouth sores, protruding wires, loose brackets, and more. At times, Dr. King will need to make adjustments if your braces are damaged, so keep us informed if something gets loose or lost.

F – Floss Threader

This tool helps you to insert floss under the wire of your braces. Flossing might be a little more challenging with braces on, but it’s definitely very important to do daily! Floss threader to the rescue… that’s right, a tool of the flossing trade! Just ask us how to get one if you don’t already have one.

G – Gums

It’s quite natural for your gums to be a little sore until they get used to the appliances / braces being there. After that, if you experience swelling, it could be from plaque buildup, which means you need to be a little more thorough with your brushing and flossing. Remember, two full minutes you must brush… Away from the sink you must NOT rush! Remember to see your dentist to have your teeth cleaned every six months.

H – Healthy Smile

Another reason patients choose orthodontic treatment is to improve their dental health. Crowded teeth harbor bacteria in hard to reach places which left unchecked can cause gum disease. Properly aligned teeth not only look amazing but are easier to keep clean and make chewing more efficient than overly crowded or unevenly spaced teeth (a benefit to digestion).

I – Invisalign

Invisalign treatment includes a series of clear, plastic aligners that gradually move your teeth to the position your orthodontist prescribes. And yes, they are absolutely invisible! No one but you and Dr. King needs to know about your treatment. Everyone else will just see your beautiful, natural smile as it nears perfection! Check out our website’s Invisalign section for more info.

J – Jaw

Jaw hurting? At times jaw growth issues and the resulting pain can indicate orthodontic treatment is necessary. Contact us if this is the case for you and we can help you figure out the best treatment to resolve your jaw issues.

K – Dr. King

And that is me! My absolute fascination with and commitment to orthodontics makes me what some may consider to be an “Ortho Geek.” Continuing education is the key to maintaining the highest level of excellence possible and I am a staunch advocate of pursuing it. My goal is to have cutting edge technology so that you have the best care while we get to know each other throughout your treatment.

L – Long term results that make you happy!!!

You won’t believe how your new smile will make you feel. Patients often report that the self esteem of their children or themselves, if they are the patient, has improved greatly. Confidence comes with that amazing new smile and you are going to love it. (We know this!!!)

M – Metal Braces

Metal braces are traditional braces and they have straightened many a smile over the past 100 years! These days, metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than they have ever been and now they come with a fun color palette to choose your color of the month!

N – Not your Average Ortho Office

Follow us on FaceBook and you’ll know what we mean. We aim to make your orthodontics experience the best it can be and we have fun along the way!

O – Observation

Observation for a patient who is not ready to start braces is always without any charge. Dr. King believes in starting a patient at just the right time. That being the case, if your child is not ready to start Dr. K will continue to monitor him/her at no charge until the time is right.

P – Plaque

Plaque is the sticky, colorless film that builds up from bacteria if you don’t keep your teeth clean, which can lead to bad breath, swollen gums and cavities. It’s even worse when it accumulates around your braces, because it can leave permanent marks where your brackets were.

Q – Questions and answers?

You ask and we are happy to answer. There are always plenty of questions you’ll have and while there is a lot of helpful info in this post we know it’s not possible to cover everything about braces in a single run through of the alphabet. We invite you to contact our office in Jupiter any time and ask us any questions that might cross your mind. Consultations are always free for prospective patients trying to decide whether braces are right for them.

R – Retainers

Retainers are worn after your braces are taken off to ensure that your teeth stay in their proper position. We will prescribe the type of retainer you need and we’ll let you know how long to wear it, based on your individual case. Wearing retainers is essential!

S – Smile it Forward

We have a wonderful program called Smile It Forward to help the underprivileged (among many other ways Dr. K helps the community). With a recommendation from a dentist and a completed short form from our website ( those who qualify are evaluated for FREE treatment.

T – Teeth care

Toothbrushes are very important for keeping your braces and your teeth clean. As an orthodontic patient you will need to replace your toothbrush more frequently than you normally would because brackets can wear the bristles out fairly quickly. Talk to us about getting an interproximal brush that slips under your wire into hard-to-reach places where food can get trapped. Power toothbrushes and Waterpiks can also be helpful for brushing your teeth with braces.

U – Unbelievable Results

Check out our outstanding before and after pictures of Dr. King’s patients to get an idea of the difference we will make in YOUR smile

V – Vast difference!

You may not believe the vast difference you will see. You would be hard pressed to find a group of people more enthusiastic about orthodontics than we are! Making a difference in your life is important to us and we look forward to getting to know you. Feel free to contact us for your free consultation.

W – Wire

Technically it’s called the archwire. This is the wire which attaches to your brackets and provides the force that straightens your teeth. Poking wires mean that something is out of place, but are an easy fix. Apply some wax and give us a call.

X – X-ray

X-rays are used to help illustrate the current position of your teeth so your orthodontist can create a treatment plan to move your teeth to their ideal positions. You’ll also be happy to know that we use iTero digital models so there are no more goopy impressions. We knew you’d like that!

Y – YOU!

You are what our office is all about. We look forward to meeting you and traveling with you on your journey to the dream smile you’ve been waiting for!!!

Z – Zip through treatment!

The better you care for your braces, the faster your orthodontic treatment will go (And the sooner you will have straight teeth and an overall healthier smile!)

Now, we know you may still have questions for Dr. King about having braces and for that reason Dr. King provides free one-on-one consultations. Once you start treatment our friendly and knowledgeable staff (You will love our staff!) can walk you through any questions you may have. If you’d like to schedule a free consult, fill out the form, or call our office at 561-747-5766.


Dr. King is proud to serve Jupiter, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens and the surrounding community by providing top-notch orthodontic treatment.

What exactly does orthodontics do for adults and especially kids? In actuality, orthodontic treatment provides positive lifelong effects that go beyond having a better smile. You’ll love having increased self-confidence at work, more assurance at school and a more socialized life. It is kind of hard to summarize all that you will take away from such treatment in just one blog post!

As we age it is a little harder to move stubborn adult teeth so it is wise to make sure children’s treatment occurs during the best possible window of opportunity. Wondering how you’ll know when the time is right? We are certain that you will take steps to find out what their oral health needs will be as they continue to grow and we will give you some direction toward that end.

You Can’t Really Self-Diagnose This One

Knowing concerned parents as I do, I am sure you will have some thoughts on the matter of getting braces for your children. In some cases, the problems are hard to miss such as irregular loss of baby teeth, popping jaws and overcrowded teeth. An additional predictor is if your child is experiencing noticeable problems with bite.

With this said you’ll want Dr. King’s professional direction regarding what your child’s specific needs are and a diagnosis for treatment. Come in for your complimentary examination and consultation to begin a plan of action for correcting any problems that may exist.

Age Matters

By the age of seven or eight you can begin to address orthodontic issues for your child. At this point, your child’s jawbones are still soft and easily manipulated. That makes this the perfect time to treat any facial imbalances or development problems in children.

If your child needs braces, there are multiple options for you in terms of treatment. Dr. King will always find the scenario that best suits your needs, expectations, and budget. And speaking of budget, we have some great financing options available.

If you are ready to learn more about the orthodontic options for yourself or your child, be sure to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. King at Jupiter Orthodontics. 561-747-5766



We Love Seeing Our Patients’ Smiles

At Jupiter Orthodontics, we take excellent Before and After photos of every patient. We give these photos to you at the completion of your orthodontic treatment. You will be amazed at the transformation.

We consider your smile our orthodontic masterpiece. Dr. King loves when patients check back with us years later by letter, email or Face Book to say they still can’t believe the difference and they are so happy they met Dr. King.

Every Smile Leaves Our Office With Newfound Confidence
At Jupiter Orthodontics, we feel that nothing will give our new patients more confidence and trust in our office, our skill, and our expertise, than seeing other patients with their beautiful new smiles on our walls. Our patients range in age from eight to eighty.

Come see for yourself. Envision yourself with a gorgeous new smile from Jupiter Orthodontics. If you are considering Invisalign, with iTero technology you will be able to see what your smile will look like at the time of your first exam. Visit us in Jupiter, FL or call us at (561) 747-5766.

Your smile truly is our inspiration.


MEAW Method (Multi Loop Edgewise Arch Wire) An Alternative to Surgery

This is a very innovative technique that allows orthodontists to treat surgical patients without surgery, while utilizing braces. It was developed by Dr. Kim at Tufts University in Boston. If you have been told that you are a surgical candidate (ORTHOGNATHIC SURGERY) it would be prudent to ask Dr. King if you are a candidate for MEAW.

How does it work? This technique allows me to change the occlusal plane and cranial base angle. The procedure itself is an extremely complicated technique for an orthodontist to utilize. Since it is always my goal to stay on the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of my patients I have included the MEAW technique as one of my treatment options. There is only one other orthodontist in all of South Florida who includes this option as one of their technical skills. It is my privilege to be able to offer my patients a non-invasive alternative to surgery.

Call Jupiter Orthodontics to make an appointment for a complimentary comprehensive consultation if you are interested in an alternative to surgical treatment. (561) 747-5766


All kinds of summer activities keep the young and the eh hem, not so young among us busy outdoors. Dr. King is an avid supporter of JTAA Sports Teams and has sponsored teams from the time he opened his practice. (Come see his JTAA wall of Fame!) There are soccer teams, softball, baseball, football, you name it and it’s a pastime for someone! One question Dr. King is asked regularly is “Can my child safely play sports even though he/she is wearing braces?” The answer is YES; you can wear braces and play sports. It’s important to remember that this also applies to active adults who like to go mountain biking or join a ‘friendly’ game of football with the guys.


Like anything worth doing, it’s worth doing it right. You simply have to hold to your orthodontic treatment plan and protect your smile. There is no need to feel that you’ll be limited in your involvement with sports because you are wearing braces. In Dr. King’s office you’ll notice a supply board and one of the items you’ll find there is and ORTHODONTIC MOUTH GUARD which is recommended for use during sports to prevent potential injury. Using the proper mouth guard you can participate in just about any sport even though you are wearing braces.

A typical mouthguard for someone who is not wearing braces is made of hard plastic and if you were to get hit in the mouth, serious damage could be done. Likely you will find that the non – orthodontic mouthguard won’t fit as well as an orthodontic mouthguard will.

If the worst should happen and you get hurt while playing sports give Dr. King a call right away and he will be able to tell if you need an emergency appointment. At your next appointment special attention will be given to anything that may be broken, bent or requires repair or readjustment. You are in good hands with Dr. King. If you have any further questions feel free to go to the website and use the “Ask a question” selection or call the office. 561-747-5766