Much like ‘The Early Bird’ & ‘Being first in line’ there are definite and distinct advantages to having an orthodontic evaluation sooner than later. If the good advice of the American Association of Orthodontics is followed children will visit an orthodontist by the time they are seven. Here are some reasons to put an early visit on the Orthodontic menu.


  • Serving up an early diagnosis will greatly reduce the severity of your child’s case.
  • A good portion of prudent intervention will guide growth & development preventing serious problems later.
  • The length of treatment will correspondingly be reduced and commensurately, the expense.
  • Early discovery of issues allows greater opportunity for more effective treatment.

  • START at the right time! FINISH with less appointments!
  • You want straight teeth but don’t want braces – when you start at the right time, treatment time is shorter! Woo Hoo!
  • DO IT RIGHT! When you do what the doctor orders your teeth respond quickly getting you to dessert faster!
  • Wear your retainers & you won’t have to wear braces again when you are older.

  • All the yummy things you couldn’t have while you wore braces!
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