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Dr. King is proud to serve Jupiter, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens and the surrounding community by providing top-notch orthodontic treatment.

What exactly does orthodontics do for adults and especially kids? In actuality, orthodontic treatment provides positive lifelong effects that go beyond having a better smile. You’ll love having increased self-confidence at work, more assurance at school and a more socialized life. It is kind of hard to summarize all that you will take away from such treatment in just one blog post!

As we age it is a little harder to move stubborn adult teeth so it is wise to make sure children’s treatment occurs during the best possible window of opportunity. Wondering how you’ll know when the time is right? We are certain that you will take steps to find out what their oral health needs will be as they continue to grow and we will give you some direction toward that end.

You Can’t Really Self-Diagnose This One

Knowing concerned parents as I do, I am sure you will have some thoughts on the matter of getting braces for your children. In some cases, the problems are hard to miss such as irregular loss of baby teeth, popping jaws and overcrowded teeth. An additional predictor is if your child is experiencing noticeable problems with bite.

With this said you’ll want Dr. King’s professional direction regarding what your child’s specific needs are and a diagnosis for treatment. Come in for your complimentary examination and consultation to begin a plan of action for correcting any problems that may exist.

Age Matters

By the age of seven or eight you can begin to address orthodontic issues for your child. At this point, your child’s jawbones are still soft and easily manipulated. That makes this the perfect time to treat any facial imbalances or development problems in children.

If your child needs braces, there are multiple options for you in terms of treatment. Dr. King will always find the scenario that best suits your needs, expectations, and budget. And speaking of budget, we have some great financing options available.

If you are ready to learn more about the orthodontic options for yourself or your child, be sure to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. King at Jupiter Orthodontics. 561-747-5766



We Love Seeing Our Patients’ Smiles

At Jupiter Orthodontics, we take excellent Before and After photos of every patient. We give these photos to you at the completion of your orthodontic treatment. You will be amazed at the transformation.

We consider your smile our orthodontic masterpiece. Dr. King loves when patients check back with us years later by letter, email or Face Book to say they still can’t believe the difference and they are so happy they met Dr. King.

Every Smile Leaves Our Office With Newfound Confidence
At Jupiter Orthodontics, we feel that nothing will give our new patients more confidence and trust in our office, our skill, and our expertise, than seeing other patients with their beautiful new smiles on our walls. Our patients range in age from eight to eighty.

Come see for yourself. Envision yourself with a gorgeous new smile from Jupiter Orthodontics. If you are considering Invisalign, with iTero technology you will be able to see what your smile will look like at the time of your first exam. Visit us in Jupiter, FL or call us at (561) 747-5766.

Your smile truly is our inspiration.


All kinds of summer activities keep the young and the eh hem, not so young among us busy outdoors. Dr. King is an avid supporter of JTAA Sports Teams and has sponsored teams from the time he opened his practice. (Come see his JTAA wall of Fame!) There are soccer teams, softball, baseball, football, you name it and it’s a pastime for someone! One question Dr. King is asked regularly is “Can my child safely play sports even though he/she is wearing braces?” The answer is YES; you can wear braces and play sports. It’s important to remember that this also applies to active adults who like to go mountain biking or join a ‘friendly’ game of football with the guys.


Like anything worth doing, it’s worth doing it right. You simply have to hold to your orthodontic treatment plan and protect your smile. There is no need to feel that you’ll be limited in your involvement with sports because you are wearing braces. In Dr. King’s office you’ll notice a supply board and one of the items you’ll find there is and ORTHODONTIC MOUTH GUARD which is recommended for use during sports to prevent potential injury. Using the proper mouth guard you can participate in just about any sport even though you are wearing braces.

A typical mouthguard for someone who is not wearing braces is made of hard plastic and if you were to get hit in the mouth, serious damage could be done. Likely you will find that the non – orthodontic mouthguard won’t fit as well as an orthodontic mouthguard will.

If the worst should happen and you get hurt while playing sports give Dr. King a call right away and he will be able to tell if you need an emergency appointment. At your next appointment special attention will be given to anything that may be broken, bent or requires repair or readjustment. You are in good hands with Dr. King. If you have any further questions feel free to go to the website and use the “Ask a question” selection or call the office. 561-747-5766


The Damon Smile

Damon Smile braces are the most popular and consistently used orthodontic treatment at Jupiter Orthodontics. With Damon rackets you’ll experience more comfortable and hygienic treatment/patients prefer this over all other available braces. Damon Smile does not have ligatures or modules. Especially popular is the fact that less office visits are required!

Why Damon is different

The number one reason many patients prefer Damon Smile is because they are available in clear for a more aesthetically pleasing smile while in treatment. Also, you’ll be happy to know, patients who wear Damon Smile braces will have less discomfort because less force is applied. Particularly notable is that most often there is no need to extract teeth to make room in the patient’s mouth.

Typically oral hygiene can be a problem for many teens wearing braces. However, with the reduction of modules to trap bacteria in, your teeth are able to stay cleaner.

Treatment time

With the advanced Damon technology teeth are straightened faster with less pain and the treatment time is considerable less. That is another reason Dr. King prefers Damon over other types of treatment. Treatment time will of course vary from patient to patient depending on what your individual needs are, so you need to make an appointment with Dr. King to evaluate what will benefit you the most.

Overall Success

Patients are very happy with Damon Smile. With less irritation, less treatment time, as well as better-looking aesthetics, patients love all of the bonuses that come along with this type of treatment. Call our office and set up your complimentary consultation appointment with Dr. King to see how well this popular option will work for you.