Questions to ask when selecting your orthodontist

You have made a decision for either yourself or your child to make a wonderful smile even better. This decision was reached with much forethought and you have most likely asked the following questions:

  • When is the right time to begin treatment?
  • What expense for treatment should be expected?
  • What is the right age to begin treatment?
  • What length of time will treatment take?
  • Are there different types of treatment and how will you know which is right for me/my child?

These are excellent questions and need to be addressed personally with your orthodontist. Every case is different, thus, there are no cookie cutter answers. However, we would like to suggest asking these additional questions, which are crucial to proper treatment and choosing your orthodontist.

Ask Your Orthodontist the Following:

  1. Does he or she attend the South Florida Orthodontists Association meetings regularly?
  2. Does he or she attend the Florida Orthodontists Association meetings every year?
  3. Does he or she go to the American Association of Orthodontists annual meeting?
  4. Does he or she understand the importance of and have active involvement in study clubs?
  5. How many hours of continuing education has he or she acquired?
  6. Does insurance influence the course of treatment an orthodontist will prescribe?
  7. What percentage of his or her practice is two phases vs. one phase treatment?
  8. Is he or she board certified?

While compiling information regarding orthodontia, it is very important that you ask these questions, which should provide you with confidence in his/her ability to provide cutting-edge, cost-efficient and compassionate care. Feel free to ask any questions pertinent to your treatment in our office and you will receive confidence-inspiring answers.

  1. Dr. King & Dr. Welch regularly attend all meetings on a continuing basis.
  2. Dr. King is an active member of the Orange Coast Study Club.
  3. To date, Dr. King has acquired 3,000 hours of continuing education.
  4. Insurance never determines course of treatment.
  5. Dr. King & Dr. Welch are adept at one-phase treatment and employs two-phase treatment when the circumstances are severe and it is warranted.
  6. Dr. King has his national board certification.
  7. Dr. Welch is a Board Certified Orthodontist.