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One objection some patients have with orthodontic treatment is that they just don’t want to have “healthy teeth” removed. Are there alternatives to removing healthy teeth?

There are several reasons why an orthodontist would prescribe the removal of permanent teeth in a treatment plan. The most common are crowding, overbite, protrusive teeth, and asymmetries. In theory it may be possible to treat all orthodontic problems without removing teeth; however orthodontists must consider the overall picture when making that determination.

Some variables might be:

  • The length of treatment.
  • Treatment efficiency.
  • Condition of the teeth.
  • Patient compliance.
  • Cost (keeping the teeth may increase treatment time).

There are situations where the best outcome cannot be achieved with a full set of teeth and extractions are unavoidable. Eliminating severe crowding or dental protrusion in both arches for example, usually require the removal of teeth. When it is unavoidable, healthy teeth that are removed are ‘sacrificed’ (giving up something good to get something better) so that bigger problems can be corrected.

Three examples of giving up healthy teeth to achieve better results include:

  1. Making room to avoid pushing them out of the bone or cause gum recession.
  2. Creating space to move front teeth back so the lips can close more naturally.
  3. Allowing the top teeth to be moved back to correct an overbite preventing the need for surgery.

Yes, a healthy tooth may have to be removed, but the results are usually more desirable overall. As an orthodontist, I truly care about preserving healthy teeth. It is important to identify ALL of the problems that exist, evaluate every available option, and then formulate a plan providing the maximum benefit. Typically, I can provide treatment without removing teeth, which is my personal preference and if I can remove unhealthy teeth instead of healthy ones, I’ll do that for sure. In the end your customized treatment plan based on my years of training and expertise will give you a result that is much healthier than before your treatment began.

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Who wouldn’t want to receive $4,500 dollars? That is a lot of one dollar bills! Yup, that is a high number. The scary part is that in one year that is the number of accidents caused by texting and using electronic devices while driving.

Dr. King is so concerned about his patients that he felt the need to help young and older alike to understand that the safety of their friends as well as themselves are at risk when you text and drive.


11 TEENAGERS A DAY ARE KILLED when texting while driving. (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.)
You are 23 times more likely to crash when texting while driving. (National Transportation Safety Admin)
Driving and texting is six times more dangerous than driving drunk. (National Traffic Safety Admin)
Even if YOU are not killed in an accident think about how will you will feel if your friend is killed while you are texting them. Be safe and keep your friends safe.

Dr. King is urgently encouraging everyone NOT to text and drive.