You have braces!

You’re so excited about fixing your smile and having a great confident smile! We are happy for you and will enjoy taking this journey with you. Dr. King is on the job and he has some important tips for you while you are on your way to that rock star smile!

Dr. King knows you’re diligent about keeping your teeth healthy by brushing and flossing. However, now that you have those hard-working braces in place you may be prevented from easily cleaning your teeth. You’re going to find it necessary to give a little extra attention to preventing tooth decay while wearing your braces. You definitely do not want to allow sugary substances to wear away the cement on the braces reducing the effectiveness of moving your teeth. That might mean longer treatment time and we know you are in a hurry to show off that new smile!

You’ll need to use a proxy brush which is shaped like a long triangle which can easily remove food particles from hard to reach places around your braces. You might also want to use a WaterPik, with its pressurized water pulse to get your teeth and braces really clean.

Most importantly what Dr. King wants to help you really understand is how important it is to see your family dentist every 3 to 6 months. Once braces are in place it is more important than ever to have your teeth cleaned regularly and have your dentist check for problems that may not be seen or felt, find early signs of tooth decay or any starting problems before they become big issues for you.

Your dentist is a very large part of your orthodontic treatment because healthy teeth are essential during this process. And don’t forget, when you see your dentist during the summer months there are incentive rewards when you get back to Jupiter Orthodontics and tell us about it!