Sugary Sweets and Braces: What to Avoid?

Sugary Sweets and Braces: What to Avoid?

When you first get braces, you may wonder, “what can I eat with braces?” Fortunately, the answer is tons of delicious food—in moderation, of course. But it’s really important that you don’t overload on sweets with braces! Here’s why:

Not only are children at an increased risk of developing cavities, but they’re also the largest demographic wearing braces! That’s why it’s especially important that children develop strong oral hygiene habits.

How diligent your child is in brushing and flossing their teeth regularly with braces will help to ensure a beautiful, healthy smile during treatment and when their braces are removed.

Sugar and Braces

Although sugar intake isn’t the primary cause of cavities, yellow teeth or similarly unhealthy dental conditions, it can certainly add to the problem! Do you know why it’s so important that people brush and floss their teeth after sugary food and drinks? Well, when sugar is left in our mouths, between our teeth and along our gum line, it wreaks havoc. Kimberly A. Damages, the previous President of Minnesota Dental Association, clarifies that acid is really the main source of cavities and sugar actually triggers an overproduction of acid.

The more sugar we devour, the more acid the mouth produces. The way to keep cavities away is to regulate the amount of acid in your mouth—which means remaining cautious of the amount of sugar you intake.

Consequences of Eating (too much) Sugar With Braces

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry discusses the significance of exposure time to sugar. In other words, the longer our teeth are coated in sugar and the longer we leave them unbrushed or unflossed, the worse the damage.

Every time we eat something with high sugar content, our mouths go through a 20-minute acid assault. For example, a sip of soda puts your teeth under a 20-minute acid attack if you don’t cleanse your mouth after! The more sugar you intake, the longer the acid attack.

Eating a bunch of sugar while you have braces on can also cause discoloration! The last thing you want when your braces are removed is to be left with white spots. This happens, because sugar converts to acid and a buildup of this acid under your brackets can discolor your teeth. Acid also disintegrates the protective enamel on your teeth, which can increase your chances of tooth decay.

Don’t be scared—be conscious!

We don’t want you to be scared of sugar, we just want you to consume it consciously. After you drink soda or gorge on some desserts, wash your mouth out with water—or, even better—antibacterial mouthwash. Give your teeth a good brushing and floss if you have time! Your teeth will support your smile as long as you support them.

At Jupiter Orthodontics, we believe patient education is incredibly important! When you understand the potential consequences of eating certain foods or neglecting your oral health, you’re more likely to take the proper actions to avoid those consequences.

We’re always here to give you advice and help you work toward the best possible results. If you have any questions, please reach out to us! If you’re ready to begin your journey to an incredible smile, we encourage you to request your free orthodontic exam with Dr. King today! Visit our Jupiter office, or schedule a virtual smile assessment without leaving your home.

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