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Dr. King adjusts himself to the patient, instead of adjusting the patient to his practice.

The King Method is a comprehensive orthodontic approach, characterized by a combination of all orthodontic methods fused into one unique method. The King Method provides the proper selection of which specific technique and appliance to use for each individual, based on the unique condition and circumstances of that patient.

This approach, which provides better results in a shorter amount of time, allows Dr. King to treat his patients in a more effective and efficient way by using specific techniques and appliances tailored for each case.

“I have learned and tried everything in orthodontics so I know which technique or appliance is best for each patient. Most orthodontists do what they are comfortable with and learn a limited amount of information about techniques and appliances but, I do it all to provide my patients with the greatest patient experience possible. You are in good hands at Jupiter Orthodontics.”

Dr. King

Why choose the King Method?

  • The King Method benefits all patients of all ages.
  • Patients can expect excellent results.
  • This method shortens treatment time by 3 months and improves the overall results compared to numerous singular methods.

What makes the King Method different from other methods?

Dr. King uses a technique that allows him to take advantage of bracket placement. He chooses the best option of the many different growth modification appliances for each patient and will use several different techniques for one patient to achieve the best possible result.

Using the King Method approach, there is no additional cost. It is the result of Dr. King’s continued education of learning all techniques, appliances and brackets so that he can deliver the best results for each patient.

Find out if the King Method is right for you at no cost by scheduling your complimentary exam and x-rays.