Orthodontics for Children

Around age 7, children should be assessed by their orthodontist to detect problematic orthodontic dental conditions early on. (This does not mean treatment will begin at age 7!) Early detection prevents further dental problems from arising and reduces the need for serious measures, such as surgery, as issues progress.

Though other orthodontists will likely suggest a treatment to begin immediately, Dr. King takes a conservative approach toward children’s orthodontics. Once the young patient visits us for the first time, Dr. King will monitor the patient every six months at no charge with no deposit necessary! There is no pressure from our office to begin a child’s treatment. We always work with the patient’s best interest in mind to determine when treatment should begin.

Orthodontics for children will help guide the growing jaw to enforce a proper, aligned structure for a full mouth of straight and healthy adult teeth to emerge. When the time is right, different treatments which can include braces or other orthodontic appliances, will be used to regulate the width of your child’s jaw and the roof of their mouth, allowing enough room for permanent teeth to develop.

Proper orthodontic care during childhood can drastically reduce or completely eliminate the potential development of swallowing disorders and speech disorders related to dental conditions. Preventing habits that are destructive to a child’s dental structure (such as thumb-sucking and pacifier-sucking), or reversing the damage that has already been caused by these habits with custom orthodontic treatments will cultivate a radiant and healthy smile for your child for years to come.

Orthodontics for Teens

In the teen years, adult teeth are growing into place with the potential of various problematic conditions arising. Conditions such as improper bites (overbite, underbite, cross bite, open bite, etc.), spacing between teeth and crowded teeth are common conditions we correct in teens. Generally between the ages of 16 and 21, wisdom teeth emerge as well and may require immediate orthodontic attention if these foundational teeth grow in crooked or misaligned.

Our goal is to correct dental conditions before they progress to the point of requiring surgery. We offer a number of treatment options for teens, including different forms of braces–traditional braces, metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, clear Invisalign® Teen braces and more. Oral appliances, such as spacers, separators and retainers, are also available depending on the cause of your teen’s specific condition.

Orthodontics for Adults

If orthodontic care was not prioritized in the early years, adults should visit their orthodontist to correct any untreated, damaging dental conditions. Similarly, adults who failed to wear their retainers following early treatment should visit us to assess the damage. Adults may experience oral conditions, such as problematic bite conditions, crowded teeth, spaced teeth and so on. As permanent teeth have settled, common conditions require additional care. Conditions such as bone loss begin to occur as a result of gum diseases and general aging, which can eventually lead to tooth loss.

We see many adult patients who were treated as children, but failed to wear their retainer as instructed. In these cases, it’s only natural for teeth to shift out of place and appear crooked or misaligned. An adult’s bite conditions can also change over time, causing medical issues to arise. Adult orthodontic treatment is not limited to patients who never received treatment in their earlier years. Orthodontics for adults can start anytime. 

Regular orthodontic screenings and consistent dental hygiene are imperative for preventing further deterioration and similarly harmful, unpleasant conditions. Different forms of braces are available for adults, including traditional braces and clear Invisalign® braces–which are generally preferred in adults who favor more discrete treatment.

Depending on the condition you wish to correct, we offer a diverse range of orthodontic treatment options for patients of all ages. From sleep apnea to debilitating overbites to simply straighter teeth, Dr. King and our phenomenal team at Jupiter orthodontics are here to deliver beautiful results in a comfortable, welcoming environment.
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