For patients who wish to straighten their teeth but prefer an invisible treatment option, we provide the convenient, affordable and high-tech INBRACE System!

Unlike traditional braces mounted to the front of your teeth, the INBRACE treatment rests behind the teeth, completely invisible when you smile. They work silently, out-of-sight, to help you achieve your brightest and straightest smile yet.

We often see patients who wish to correct moderately crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gapped teeth or open/deep bite conditions without the appearance of braces. Each of these common conditions can be fixed through the invisible INBRACE System.

The INBRACE braces include Smartwire technology combined with GentleForce technology. The Smartwire technology appears as custom-made, metal loops that allow for optimal movement with each individual tooth. This technology applies light, but persistent force to bring teeth closer to a perfect alignment each day.

What sets INBRACE braces apart from other forms of braces?


These braces are entirely invisible to the naked eye, as they’re situated on the back of the teeth only. Traditional braces, on the other hand, are apparent on the outside of the teeth, and Invisalign® braces cover both the front and back sides of the teeth. While Invisalign® braces are considered the “nearly-invisible” option, INBRACE braces are fully invisible. Smile during pictures, make a speech in front of hundreds of people or perform the lead role in a play knowing your braces are undetectable as they straighten your smile!


They are offered at an affordable price, comparable to both metal braces and Invisalign® clear aligners. We offer courtesy discounts for patients who choose to pay in full by cash or check. We also offer payment arrangements to coincide with your Flex Plan needs. (Check out more of our payment options here.) INBRACE braces won’t cause you to break the bank to achieve your ideal smile!


The INBRACE treatment does not have to be removed to eat, drink, brush or floss properly. This means you don’t have to worry about removing your braces in front of other people before you eat or drink, as you would with clear aligners. With INBRACES, you don’t have to wait until your braces are removed to unveil your newly straightened smile! These braces are secretly working their magic while you enjoy your results.

What are you waiting for?

The INBRACE System is a cutting-edge technology available for patients who seek a straighter, happier and healthier smile without anyone knowing. The INBRACES treatment is an ideal choice for athletes, performers, professionals, and anyone who doesn’t want to smile with a mouth full of metal! If you’re interested in hearing more about your options with the INBRACE System, feel free to contact us.If you’re ready to schedule your complimentary exam with Dr. King, or you’re ready to make your next appointment, you can request one here.