From lifestyle changes to hormonal changes to physical changes, teens have enough going on as it is. Which means you, as the parent of a teen, have more than enough on your plate.

Let us take care of your teen’s smile while you take care of everything else!

There are various reasons your teen may prefer Invisalign® braces over traditional braces, though both treatments are equally as effective. Invisalign® Teen clear braces are convenient, safe, comfortable and invisible.

Fast & Effective


Clear aligners are made out of smooth, flexible, BPA-free plastic. These clear braces are flexible enough to form to the natural curve of your teen’s teeth, while employing enough pressure to gradually shift their teeth into a straightened alignment over time. (Considering the harmful effects of BPA chemicals on your health, BPA-free is a major plus as well.)


The Invisalign® Teen clear aligners are removable for added convenience. Your teen can remove their aligners when they brush their teeth, floss their teeth or eat food. Anyone who’s experienced food embedded in their metal braces understands the convenience of a removable treatment.


Safety comes first with your teen, and while you can’t control many factors in their lives, you can control the safety of their orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® Teen clear aligners prove much safer as the smooth plastic prevents impacts from harming the mouth. If your teen plays sports or is an active participant in other group organizations, metal braces could harm the inside of their mouth when bearing the impact of a ball or an object. Braces can also harm other players as teammates come in close contact.


And finally- the invisibility factor. Teens are constantly flashing their smiles as they enjoy social hangouts, active organizations and tons of pictures with friends. When your teen looks back on school pictures, they’ll remember their memories, not their shiny, metal braces experience. Watching your teen confidently parade their smile (while an invisible treatment is secretly at play) will make you proud!

If Invisalign® Teen clear braces treatments sound like a good idea for your teen, request an appointment today or give us a call to hear more information.