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At Jupiter Orthodontics, Dr. King and his staff have found that when individuals are happy with their smiles they tend to enjoy better self-esteem. Over and over it is clearly evident that people who are unhappy with their smile are often hesitant about speaking with others and rarely share an unabashed smile. Studies indicate that when women were asked what they would change about their appearance if they could, many pointed to their smile. There is still hesitancy on the part of adults to have braces placed. Dr. King understands and he can help.

The American Association of Orthodontics estimates that 4.5 million Americans wear braces or aligners to straighten their teeth. One in five of that group is women. There is an additional portion of the American public that does not have straight teeth and would benefit from orthodontic treatment. Aside from the amazing smile that will result from treatment with Dr. King there are additional important reasons to consider traditional braces or Invisalign.

The main and obvious benefit to orthodontics is straight teeth, an improved smile and bolstered self-esteem. Some other benefits making braces an excellent option include:

  • Improved ability to properly chew and digest food.
  • A proper bite.
  • Improved enunciation when speaking.
  • Healthier mouth. Straight teeth allow for proper flossing and brushing. Crowding harbors germs and bacteria in hard to reach places.
  • A healthy mouth is directly linked to a healthier body.

Having a beautiful smile with healthy teeth and gums will contribute to an improved self-image opening many doors because of having an overall positive outlook. We’re here and we will be happy to set up your free consultation with Dr. King. (561) 747-5766

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