Read About Sonya & Maggie’s Experience

My beautiful girls have beautiful smiles! Nothing makes a better first impression than a great smile! The office staff was so friendly and helpful. You always squeezed us in when we needed it and always had convenient appointment times. Thank you Jupiter Orthodontics we have been so pleased!


Jupiter, FL

Read About Ryan’s Experience

Jupiter Orthodontics you exceeded our expectations. You helped me gain self confidence and you saved my teeth. Everyone in the office was friendly and always on time. Keep up the great work!


Jupiter, FL

Read About Gabrielle’s Experience

I was always kept in the loop of my daughters treatment. The office is accommodating to school schedules and this was very helpful for co-parenting families.  Everyone was very helpful, knowledgeable, and made us feel comfortable.  Dr. King was about to find a solution when other orthodontists were unable to help us.

Sara (Mom)

Tequesta, FL

Read About Mary’s Experience

Dr. King is WONDERFUL– expert, kind, and dedicated as is his staff! Everyone is always professional and friendly. It was easy to drop in if there was a repair needed and they always have great communication. They offered me a “streamline” hour discount which was great! Please continue to provide excellent results in a friendly yet professional atmosphere! Thank you Jupiter Orthodontics.

Palm Beach Gardens

Read About Jenna’s Experience

Everyone at Jupiter Orthodontics truly cared about my daughter Jenna’s best interests and outstanding results. Everyone was always friendly and highly professional. The dedication to ensuring “A+” results made Jenna (and us) feel that holding off with removing the braces too soon was worth the wait. Healthy teeth and the self-confidence of well-aligned facial structure are invaluable. Thank you for taking care of Jenna (and our son Alex)!

Bill (Dad)


Read About Colin’s Experience

Everyone at Jupiter Orthodontics is kind and very welcoming. They always take the time to double check everything and they are always able to fit you in quickly if you need help fixing something. I am very happy with the way my teeth turned out. Thank you Dr. King & Dr. Welch!

Jupiter, FL

Read About Judy’s Experience

I am very pleased with my Invisalign results.  Between Florida & New York, you and your staff were always available to answer questions in a timely manner and all has been accomplished inspite of the distance involved. Do not hesitate to use Jupiter Orthodontics. You have been true to what you said you can accomplish. The results speak for themselves! Thank you!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Read About Olivia’s Experience

Dr. King & Dr. Welch were right on target with their 15-18 month estimated treatment time. Thank you for accommodating my couple of appointment mix ups. Both of my daughters, Grace & Olivia, were always so happy to come to their appointments. The staff is fabulous and we are very happy with the outcome. Both of our girls have beautiful smiles!

Nicole (Mom)

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Read About Nilze’s Experience

Everyone at Jupiter Orthodontics was great! They pay attention to detail and have fair pricing. I would absolutely recommend this office we had a very positive experience. I particularly love that the office and accommodate any type of busy schedule.  The staff is cordial and caring. The investment was well worth the expense and my teeth look so much straighter now.

West Palm Beach, FL

Read About Donna’s Experience

Jupiter Orthodontics you met and exceeded my expectations. Everyone was always friendly and professional. My appointments were easy to make and almost always running on time. A pleasant experience overall! This has been something I have always wanted to do for many years for myself and I am very happy with my results. Thank you Dr. King & Dr. Welch!

Jupiter, FL

Read About Abbi’s Experience

Dr. King and his team are amazing. They make you feel so comfortable and everyone is so friendly!  We will continue to refer all of our friends. We loved our experience at Jupiter Orthodontics.

Nicole (Mom)

Jupiter, FL

Read About Nicholas’s Experience

Every is so friendly and your appointments are quick! The staff makes you feel appreciated and I am so happy I chose Jupiter Orthodontics for my treatment.

Jupiter, FL

Read About McKinley’s Experience

Jupiter Orthodontics exceeded my expectations! Always on time, appointment availability and convenient times for children in school and working families. The office is professional and friendly.  Thank you for everything Jupiter Orthodontics!

Marie (Mom)

Jupiter, FL

Read About Eric’s Experience

The hours are very convenient! I am happy we chose Jupiter Orthodontics everyone is so friendly and I love the ease of scheduling appointments. If anyone is looking for an orthodontist I would not hesitate to recommend Jupiter Orthodontics!

Kristine (Mom)

Tequesta, FL

Read About Harris’s Experience

Overall an excellent experience! Harris was always treated well at every appointment. In addition, all of his appointments were on time. Everyone is super nice and always willing to answer questions and concerns. Kristin holds the office together. She is the glue of the operation! Dr. King does not settle for “OK” he works until he is 100% satisfied with the results. He is excellent with all patients and holds good communication with his staff. Nothing is more important that a great smile, so the expense is well worth it!

David (Dad)

Jupiter, FL

Read About Nam’s Experience

I would recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to anyone who is looking for an Orthodontist. Everyone who works in the office is friendly, helpful, and gentle. You exceeded my expectations. Everything came out perfect, more than we expected. I would describe the office as Wonderful, Perfect, and Professional. Thank you so much for everything you did for my 3 children. We really appreciate it!

Huy (Mom)

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Read About Linda’s Experience

Jupiter Orthodontics has a lovely staff all with great attitudes. I have never seen so many people enjoy what they do. I believe its because everyone is treated like family. It was a no brainer decision coming to Jupiter Orthodontics after seeing my daughters results and how much she enjoyed the staff and Dr. King’s caring personality. My smile is worth a 1,000 first words. Thank you Jupiter Orthodontics!

Dr. King and his team exceeded our expectations.  The quality of care was excellent and very professional.  If you choose Jupiter Orthodontics, you will receive the best care- Dr. King is an excellent orthodontist who keeps up with the latest technology. The office is very clean and we have always had an excellent experience there.

Janely (Mom)

Jupiter, FL

Read About Haley’s Experience

Jupiter Orthodontics made our daughter very happy! Dr. King is a true professional and is not satisfied until the job is done right. The team is very friendly, polite, professional and very helpful.  We could not have picked a better orthodontist!

Bob (Dad)

Jupiter, FL

Read About Nathan’s Experience

Jupiter Orthodontics exceeded my expectations. Nathan has a great smile now and you cannot put a price on that! Dr. King does not rush to put braces on before the patient is ready.  The team is very friendly and kind.  They made us feel like we were part of the family at every visit.  Overall, we had a wonderful experience and will miss seeing ya’ll so much!

Jenny (Mom)

Indiantown, FL

Read About Beth’s Experience

Dr. King and his staff are professional, friendly and informative.  I am very happy I went to Jupiter Orthodontics! Dr. King does exactly what he says he will do and I always knew what to expect. The experience exceeded my expectations and I will be referring my friends to the office.

Palm City, FL