The Damon Smile

Damon Smile braces are the most popular and consistently used orthodontic treatment at Jupiter Orthodontics. With Damon rackets you’ll experience more comfortable and hygienic treatment/patients prefer this over all other available braces. Damon Smile does not have ligatures or modules. Especially popular is the fact that less office visits are required!

Why Damon is different

The number one reason many patients prefer Damon Smile is because they are available in clear for a more aesthetically pleasing smile while in treatment. Also, you’ll be happy to know, patients who wear Damon Smile braces will have less discomfort because less force is applied. Particularly notable is that most often there is no need to extract teeth to make room in the patient’s mouth.

Typically oral hygiene can be a problem for many teens wearing braces. However, with the reduction of modules to trap bacteria in, your teeth are able to stay cleaner.

Treatment time

With the advanced Damon technology teeth are straightened faster with less pain and the treatment time is considerable less. That is another reason Dr. King prefers Damon over other types of treatment. Treatment time will of course vary from patient to patient depending on what your individual needs are, so you need to make an appointment with Dr. King to evaluate what will benefit you the most.

Overall Success

Patients are very happy with Damon Smile. With less irritation, less treatment time, as well as better-looking aesthetics, patients love all of the bonuses that come along with this type of treatment. Call our office and set up your complimentary consultation appointment with Dr. King to see how well this popular option will work for you.