Clearly amazing!

At Jupiter Orthodontics, we are honored to provide our patients with Damon® Clear™ braces as part of the advanced Damon® System. This innovative treatment includes self-ligating, clear braces with tie-less brackets and high-tech archwires that move teeth into alignment with more efficiency than ever!

Damon Clear braces are similar to traditional braces in their use of brackets and wires, but unlike traditional braces, Damon braces are practically invisible and they can shorten the average treatment period by 6 months!

What are self-ligating, tie-less brackets?

Self-ligating, tie-less brackets featured in the Damon System do not require elastic or rubber bands to hold brackets in place. These brackets are considered “passive” slide mechanisms that move freely, not bonded in place like traditional brackets.

The self-ligation feature of Damon Clear braces allows for a quicker treatment period as it accelerates the initial alignment phase. With traditional braces, there is friction at play in the relationship between wires and brackets, which slows down tooth movement. In self-ligating brackets, teeth are not fighting against friction.

With Damon Clear braces, each tooth is able to rotate and straighten without obstacle, which speeds up the entire orthodontic process!

Traditional brackets, wires and elastic bands leave countless corners and spaces for bacteria to lodge themselves and flourish.

Without using layered rubber bands in Damon Clear braces, it’s easier to brush and floss around brackets and within spaces to maintain optimal oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment.

Comfortable and Convenient?!

You got that right! The Damon System uses highly advanced archwires and self-ligating brackets to comfortably and conveniently guide each tooth position toward a straightened alignment.

The self-ligating feature in Damon Clear braces gives Dr. King complete control over the movement of each tooth’s position. Without the added force of traditional rubber bands, brackets and wires working against each other, Damon Clear braces are free to move your teeth without unnecessary friction. As much of the soreness associated with braces can be attributed to bonded brackets and archwires, tie-less brackets make for an easier, smoother treatment with minimal soreness and discomfort!

Damon Clear braces are made of clear materials that resist discoloration and staining!

For patients who wish to maintain a clean, professional appearance with braces, we often suggest Diamond Clear braces for their practically-invisible appearance and hygienic self-ligating brackets.

Quicker Treatment Time and Fewer Office Visits!

We understand how important your time is, so we understand how inconvenient it can be to schedule an orthodontic appointment into you or your child’s busy schedule.

As Damon Clear braces align your teeth at an accelerated pace, they have a shorter overall treatment period, which reduces the amount of orthodontic appointments by default. Additionally, without traditional elastic/rubber bands, there is no need to tighten Damon Clear braces. (With traditional braces, you will visit our office every couple of weeks to have your elastic bands tightened.)

As Damon Clear braces do not require frequent appointments, you will only visit us occasionally so we can monitor your smile progress and ensure that you’re on the quickest track to a beautiful smile.

Damon Clear and the Damon System are clearly the answer!

If you’re ready to begin a comfortable, convenient, clear orthodontic treatment with a plan that’s personalized to your condition and your goals, Dr. King would love to meet you. (Or if you aren’t quite sure which treatment is best for you, Dr. King would still love to meet you to discuss the possibilities!)

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