Fast, Accurate & Comfortable!

We choose iTero digital technology for its quick results, pain-less scans, exceptional accuracy and maximized comfort! Conventional digital impressions use a “goopy” and thick material to take physical impressions of your bite. With iTero digital impressions, we can capture a 3-D visual of the structure beneath your teeth, bite and gumline. The iTero scanner provides us with a crisp, 3-D model of your current orthodontic condition, which allows us to create your personalized treatment plan based on precise, real-time imaging.

See your results before your treatment even begins!

Using the iTero digital scanner, you can see the final results of your treatment during the same visit as your scans! This highly advanced technology aids us in educating you on your current orthodontic condition and showing you exactly how your smile will improve with treatment.

We use a handheld device to scan the inside of your mouth while a real-time, 3-D model of your teeth and gums displays on our screen. With quick, comfortable scans and immediate results, the iTero digital scanners allows us to begin your treatment as soon as possible. We understand how precious your time and comfort are, so we’re proud that our digital impression technology meets your goals and ours!