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Recently, DIY teeth aligners have become increasingly popular. Tons of brands have flooded the market, offering ‘at-home’ or ‘do-it-yourself’ clear aligners that don’t require an orthodontist’s supervision.

While this may sound like a convenient alternative to professional orthodontic treatment, at-home treatment is incredibly risky and has the potential to do irreversible damage to your smile.

Here’s what you need to know about the dangers of DIY aligners:

Treatment with DIY Teeth Aligners is Not Doctor-Monitored

Undergoing treatment with a DIY braces kit is risky. From your initial orthodontic exam, your DIY treatment process isn’t monitored by a qualified orthodontist. Dr. King or Dr. Welch perform a thorough orthodontic exam to assess your teeth and jaw bones. They take x-rays and diagnostic photos of your condition to develop your treatment plan.

Creating a treatment plan without examining the teeth can worsen an existing condition or create another problematic condition.

When you visit Dr. King or Dr. Welch for your regular check-up appointments every 12 weeks or so, they’ll assess your progress to determine whether he needs to make adjustments to your treatment plan. Depending on your progress, he may alter your plan or extend your treatment length to ensure the best results.

With DIY teeth straightening, your treatment plan is typically inflexible and you’re in charge of monitoring your progress. Once you receive your plan, you won’t have an orthodontist to help you make informed decisions about your process.

DIY Teeth Aligners Can Cause Irreparable Damage

The “DIY braces gone wrong” stories are unfortunately very real. Most DIY aligner companies don’t require a professional orthodontic exam, which means conditions can go undetected and untreated.

Because many orthodontic conditions stem from below the gumline or in the position of the jaw bones, problematic conditions can go undetected with DIY teeth straightening. Treating the teeth without considering the underlying problems can worsen existing conditions or create new conditions.

Some of the “DIY braces gone wrong” stories include bleeding gums, loose teeth, difficulty chewing and swallowing, tooth loss and jaw pain. Why risk this damage to you or your child’s health?

“Cheap” Aligners Aren’t So Cheap

Though DIY teeth aligner companies advertise themselves as the more affordable option, the truth is, DIY aligners can end up costing you more than safe, professional orthodontic treatment!

If your at-home treatment damages your smile, you may end up requiring professional treatment on top of your at-home treatment. If you choose qualified treatment first, you won’t have to pay for the cost of treatment twice!

DIY companies are also infamous for tacking on hidden costs and fees that weren’t included in your initial quote.

At Jupiter Orthodontics, we are completely transparent about the cost of treatment. We do everything we can to lower the cost of braces, Invisalign® and in-house aligners for our patients, because we believe everyone should have access to affordable, high-quality treatment.

We offer a number of different payment plans to meet our patients’ financial needs. And the cool thing is, the cost for our in-house aligner is similar to DIY aligners because Jupiter Orthodontics has a 3D printer. Lucky you!

Don’t take risks on your smile!

Dr. King and Dr. Welch have undergone years of specialized training and education in order to provide you with the greatest quality of care. He considers every detail when he creates your personalized treatment plan.

Don’t risk damage to your smile. Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of the leading orthodontists in Jupiter for exceptional results that last for years to come.

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